Patel Solar Technology was formed in the year 2018, with a vision of emerging as a leader amidst the developers of renewable energy systems through the capability and strength of its knowledgeable workforce. With its headquarters in Surat, the organization specializes in a broad range of services in Energy, Engineering and Project Management domain across Gujarat as well as overseas, with a focus on the residentional, commercial and industrial sectors. The team of Patel Solar consists of esteemed professionals and associates from well-diversified backgrounds to provide the right set of comprehensive, smart solutions.

The company’s services include – delivery of end-to-end projects in the areas of solar EPC, urban transport & planning, carbon asset management, renewable energy advisory and sustainability reporting. We are support the planning, sales, operation and maintenance of renewable energy systems and energy efficient technologies with industry-leading data, and consulting services. Our dedicated and skilled team of experts strive to offer a perfect balance of cost and quality while delivering the projects within the required timescale that meets the client’s requirements.


Solar and EPC(New)

Store the sunshine through the highly efficient photovoltaic solar components, ensuring constant and affordable solar energy. Our expert team members assess and understand the client’s requirements to meet their demands and design the solar power system accordingly. After installation, we also offer Commissioning of these projects along with Operation and Maintenance services for our customers.


  1. Project Analysis:
  • Roof surveying for shadow and normal space availability
  • Sizing of pv plant can be done according to applicable state solar policies
  • Electricity consumption analysis of the client.
  • Solar radiation analysis
  • Climatic & atmospheric analysis
  1. System Design:
  • Simulating the design of the plant
    • Software based reports generated considering Shadow analysis and System loss analysis throughout the year. The information obtained from the software analysis can be utilized for optimization of the system parameters.
  • The various losses obtained from the software analysis are collected and arranged in the organized form.
  • Then the losses are studied and minimized as low as possible to maximize the system performance.
  • Mechanical Structure Design with stability analysis
  • Designing of various parameters – Module layout, inverter selection, cable optimization, protection devices selection
  1. Project Construction:
  • Marking the layout in the site
  • Preparing module mounting structures
  • Laying & interconnecting the modules as per design
  • Placing all the necessary components in the plant
  1. Testing & Commissioning:
  • After Complete Installation under supervision of experienced supervisors and site executives, Mechanical Testing of all structural and earthing parts is done.
  • Electrical testing of all system parameters according to International Standards is conducted and reports are worked out after confirmation of permissive satisfactory results.
  • Commissioning of Inverters and feeding of Solar Energy into client’s grid is started.
  1. System Monitoring:
  • Monitoring of the commissioned solar power plant is required for daily monitoring of generated power remotely from anywhere.
  • This can be done remotely along with the help of various GSM Data Loggers / SCADA systems according to system design.
  • This includes instantaneous Monitoring of ambient temp, solar cell temp, Wind speed, solar irradiation for solar plant’s performance and efficiency check. Weather sensors should be of high accuracy class and with fastest response.
  • System monitoring also provides various pre-defined fault indications remotely for the purpose of plant maintenance.